Best Players in San Antonio Spurs History

In the history of the San Antonio Spurs there have been some exceptional players. Some of the past and present San Antonio Spur players will always be recognized for their contribution to the NBA.

Sean Elliot is a former professional basketball player. Elliot was NABC player of the year in 1989. In addition, Elliot was the number three pick of the 1989 NBA draft. Sean Elliot eventually retired from the San Antonio Spurs after many successes and accomplishments with the team. Sean Elliot was originally drafted by the San Antonio Spurs in 1989.

Sean Elliot finished his career in 2001 averaging 14.2 points and 4.3 rebounds. In addition, Elliot has 2.6 assists per game. Elliot for sure had a very impressive record as an NBA player.

David Robinson is a professional basketball player who player for center with the San Antonio Spurs. Robinson began his successful career in 1989. David Robinson is a 10 time NBA all star. In addition, Robinson is also a two-time NBA Champion. Possibly one of David Robinson’s most memorable accomplishments was that he became a two-time Olympic Hall of Fame Inductee.

David Robinson is considered one of the greatest centers in all of NBA history. After a steady career full of accomplishments Robinson decided to retire from the NBA in 2003. Robinson and another player earned the name “Twin Towers”.

James Silas became a popular figure in the early 1970’s. Silas was first drafted in 1972 by the Rockets. Silas began his career with the Spurs in 1975. In addition, James Silas was named to the ABA all star team in 1975. Silas once again was named to the ABA for a second time in 1976.

It seemed 1976 was a good year for Silas. In 1976 Silas averaged 23.8 points as well as 5.4 assists. In addition within that same year James Silas had 4.0 rebounds per game. Silas played for the Spurs for 8 successful seasons. James Silas proudly displayed number 13 when he played with the Spurs.

Danny Green was number 14 shooting guard for the Spurs. Green was picked by the Spurs in 2010. Danny Green left the Spurs temporarily due to a lockout but eventually returned to the Spurs in late 2011. In 2012 Danny Green signed a new contract with the Spurs which would earn him 12 million dollars over a three year period.

In the first game of the 2012 season Green scored 9 points as well as 2 added blocks in a team victory over New Orleans. On November 11, 2012 Green scored a spectacular 13 points in a win over Thunder. This was considered a huge accomplishment for Danny Green.

2015 was Greens final season with the Spurs. After many successes with the team which made him a household name it was time for Danny Green to move on. Danny Green was certainly one of the greats of the NBA.

There are many exceptional players within the NBA. The Spurs was a strong team that was made even stronger by the talented players that made their mark in NBA history.

Remembering the 1996-97 San Antonio Spurs

What Happens When You Lose A Star: The 1996-97 San Antonio SpursĀ 

The 1996-97 San Antonio Spurs were not the best team they could have been. The team was helmed by Bob Hill until he was fired halfway through the season for Gregg Popovich. The team finished with the only losing record of the Popovich era, and the team acquired the number one pick in the NBA Draft for the poor record they finished with. This is a story of how that team became one of the great dynasties in NBA history.

#1: No David Robinson

David Robinson was injured for most of the season, and he only played six games all year. He was just two years removed from a 71-point game, and the team needed him. There was no other talent on the team to help pick the slack, and the offense could not score consistently. Bob Hill was on the way out, and the team was no longer listening to him. In effect, the coaching was completely useless. They moved on, and Gregg Popovich became the coach.

#2: A Heavy Western Conference

The Western Conference at the time was owned by the Rockets, Jazz and a young Lakers team. The Lakers were not yet their own dynasty, and the Jazz/Rockets were taking all the trips to the NBA finals. The Spurs were not yet in a position to compete with teams loaded with talent, and David Robinson’s absence made it impossible for the team to recover. They were no match for anyone with any modicum of talent, and they lost 62 games as a result.

#3: The Result Of The Season Was Renewed Promise

The Spurs responded to Gregg Popovich even though they played so badly. He offered them a new scheme that every player bought into, and he provided the team with a needed lift going into the next season. This would be the only losing season for him, and it would be the only time he did not have a superstar on the roster. Losing 62 games became the Spurs’ good fortune.

#4: Their Draft Pick

The Spurs had the worst record in the league, and they won the NBA Lottery not long after the season. The number one pick they acquired was used in 1997 on a center from Wake Forest named Tim Duncan. At the time, he was an islander going to school in America. Today he is known as the “big fundamental.” The team has won multiple NBA championships under his leadership, and the partnership with Gregg Popovich is one that will go down in NBA folklore. The team could not have gotten Duncan without the losing season they had. Every knock they took in 1996-1997 was for the betterment of the team in the future.

#5: The Human Highlight Film Comes To San Antonio

Dominique Wilkins came to the Spurs on a one-year deal after playing in Greece the season before. He is one of the greatest players of all time, and the team thought he could inject some offense where David Robinson was missing. Fans believed that Robinson was a better player. He was younger, and Nique was simply not the player he once was. He could not stop the Spurs from losing 62 games, but he did have one last gasp in the NBA before retiring.

The San Antonio Spurs are now a fine franchise that is a model for excellence in the NBA. They have seen the greatest of success, but their great success started with one of the most dreadful seasons of all time. Gregg Popovich and Tim Duncan came to the team as a direct result of going 20-62.

How the Spurs Won Each of Their NBA Titles

The San Antonio have proven that they are a powerhouse when it comes to winning NBA titles. In total they have managed to win a total of 5 championships. The question is how have they managed to pull off this feat and done so over the course of a couple of decades. The answer is that they have a knack of putting together some of the most powerful teams in the NBA. The other part of the equation is that of having a head coach that knows how to steer the team in the right direction. We will look at and breakdown the course that these teams took to get to their championships.

This was their first shot at greatness and they did not hesitate in making the most out of the situation. The first element that helped to lead to this stellar season was the arrival of Tim Duncan to come and assist David Robinson. A lot of people did not think that Tim Duncan would be that big of an asset, but when the season was over they had been proven wrong. It was the New York Knicks that suffered the harsh reality of Tim Duncan.
While it was a little time for them to get back to the finals, they did so by taking on Tony Parker and adding him to the lineup. New Jersey was proven to be not good enough to handle the improved lineup of San Antonio. The Spurs would easily handle all their opponents in the playoffs and would cruise to their second title and begin to solidify their place in the NBA as a dominant force.

This was the year that they repeated back to back titles and soon showed that they were the real deal. This was also the year that the big three took over and ran the NBA in points and rebounds. Duncan, Parker and Ginobili. Tony Parker had by this time shown that he was a legitimate force to be dealt with and was not going to play around. With Duncan back in the lineup it was time for the Spurs to cement their place in the history books. It would take seven games for the Spurs to finish off the Pistons and win their third title.

This was when the Spurs and the Cavs first began their history of going toe to toe with one another. This was the first time that Lebron James was with the Cavs and the Spurs soundly defeated the team in four games without any real effort. The Spurs defense was second to none and the fact that the Cavs led by Lebron showed that they were the real deal and were not going to be easily stopped.

This was the last of the championships and while the core of the team was still intact, there had been some major changes that took place. This still left a few areas that needed to be filled and therefore this was going to lead to the team having to work that much harder to overcome the deficit. Nonetheless, the Spurs showed that they were the real deal and yet again made the NBA stand up and take notice.

This is how the Spurs have worked hard to make it a point to stand out and overall become a team that should be taken seriously. There are a lot of signs that this year may be as bright of a year as ones in the past as they have opened strong and they could be adding a sixth title to their long list of championships.

2016-17 San Antonio Spurs Predictions

What a season the San Antonio Spurs had last season. There were ups and downs in the season and those downs included not making it to the NBA finals. This was due to the Oklahoma City Thunder taking the Spurs out of the playoffs. The upside of the season was that they had one of the best seasons they had in a long time. With a record of 67-15, the spurs are looking to improve on that season by repeating their history and this time punching their ticket to the NBA finals. There was the loss of Tim Duncan who after 19 seasons retired and left a hole in the offense.

Departures and Arrivals
Tim Duncan retiring did without a doubt leave a hole ion the team that was going to be hard to fill. The Spurs went to their drawing board and came up with a couple of players that they feel will be the needed fix to this hole. One of those players is Pau Gasol. Gasol who came from the Bulls is not Tim Duncan, but he should along with Tony Parker be able to fill the void that Duncan retiring left. The rest of the core of the Spurs are still intact and as a result there is expected to be another run at the Playoffs. Last season they got an easy first round sweep against the Memphis Grizzlies. They would then lose to the Thunder.

Season Outlook
So with the changes in the roster being taken into account, the other night with the opening of the season, we saw the Spurs easily defeat the Golden State Warriors. Many took this as a sign that the Spurs are looking to have another powerful year as they have managed to get off to a solid start. Gasol will need to get his legs under him as he seems to be the resident nomad among the NBA having been with now four teams including the Spurs. Tony Parker along with Lamarcus Aldridge will be the other two players that will support Gasol. The final piece of the puzzle is Manu Ginobili. Ginobili along with Parker, Gasol and Aldridge will be the heart and soul of the Spurs offense.

Pau Gasol
Gasol is one of those players that when you see him walk onto the court, you know you are going to have a long night if you are an opponent. If he is your teammate, then your life will be a little easier. Having started his NBA career with the Memphis Grizzlies, he helped to carry the team along as he could. A lot of people gave him a hard time saying that he was not that good as the Griz did not win any playoff games. Then came his time with the Lakers where he really shined for a number of years. This season with the spurs, he hopes to repeat some of the magic he had while in Los Angeles.

Tony Parker
What can be said about Tony Parker that has not already been said, he is a powerhouse and a beast when it comes to the court. Him and Tim Duncan are a good part of the reason why the Spurs had so much success him along with Ginobili and Duncan made the Spurs almost unstoppable.

Manu Ginobili
The final piece of this puzzle comes into focus when you add Manu Ginobili. He is more than just a pretty face and a good player. He is a leader both on and off the court. With him, Parker and Gasol, there is no reason why the San Antonio Spurs will not be able to repeat their performance and even make it all the way to the NBA finals and even win the whole thing.